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Which documents are required to move abroad?

Atualizado: 12 de set. de 2019

Every year, a growing number of Brazilians is choosing to leave Brazil to live overseas. However, most of the ones dreaming to move abroad have no idea on how to do it. More important than just choosing your destination, it is critical to be certain of what you want to do, be it studying a different language, joining a 6-month period college interchange program, attending a postgraduate or master’s course, as well as business or leisure travel. Once the purpose of the international season is set it is time to tackle issues such as costs, documentation and bureaucracy. Next, it is then required to know the laws of the country chosen and assess which documents are required for Brazilians in the location they intend to visit.

documents are required to move abroad

The first thing to do is to get a passport, your identification card out of Brazil. For those with a passport, it is worth reminding to check its validity as some countries will impair the entrance of foreigners bearing passports close to expiry. Another important step is to know about the need to get a visa, which is the authorization to set foot in the country. There are several types of visa, at different costs, reason why you should keep in mind what is the purpose of your travel, as authorizations may differ. A good information source is the websites of embassies and consulates.

If the goal is to study different languages, the best thing to do is to travel to countries where you can daily practice the new language: French in France, Spanish in Spain or Latin American countries (except for Brazil), English in the United States, Canada, England or Australia, and so on. If the goal is to join a college interchange program, look for the courses supported by your university. For those willing to attend a postgraduate course, such as masters or MBA, search for schools offering the courses you are looking for. In order to obtain a study visa, it is necessary to have an acceptance letter from the learning institution. And above all such academic interests, it is fundamental to translate all relevant school documents, such as diplomas, histories and certificates.

Brazilian interchange agencies offer several options. However, if you want to build a solid career abroad, you can start by looking for work wherever you are, looking for vacancies in the Internet and submitting your résumé for all opportunities you are interested in. In order to obtain a labor visa, first you need to gather a considerable amount of documents. Second, you will have to be approved in the selective process of the company, who in turn will provide some of the documents that are to be submitted to apply for a visa. Most important in this case is to prepare a good résumé in the language of the destination country if you want to attract the attention to your material for the desired spot.

In addition to the aforementioned basic documents, the traveler must be carrying round trip flight tickets, lodging and hotel vouchers and others to be shown to and accepted by the immigration clearance in order to confirm the reason of the travel or any other relations with the country of origin. It is recommended to obtain a power of attorney in Brazil in order to grant powers to another individual to carry out all acts or manage your interests during your stay abroad. Some examples where a power of attorney is required are: management of banking accounts, representation before public or private bodies in Brazil to request personal documents, settlement of voting and taxing commitments in Brazil, etc. Before travelling, it is also recommended to make copies of everything that you are going to need at the destination and leave them with the attorney in Brazil.

Normally, the list of requirements and documents is huge, and all of them must be in perfect conditions, as well as with signed and notarized, including authenticated copies, legalizations, sworn translations, and so on. The process may take some months, depending on your hurry and on the hastiness of service providers.


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