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Machine and equipment manuals, production catalogues, technical reports, motor manuals, HSE reports, production techniques presentations, civil and naval building, training programs, etc.

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We work in several engineering areas, such as civil works, mechanics, electrics and environment, with experience in translating technical and safety manuals, among others.

Our team is composed by qualified and experienced professionals, always taking into account particularities and specific terms, therefore ensuring full efficiency and quickness to our services.


Prowords performs translation for the automotive area, or in other words, automotive translations. This segment has a wide range of specific terms and requires technical knowledge to make a translation with excellence.

Additionally, in order to make translations related to the automotive area it is necessary to know different sectors, such as mechanics, electricity, parts and equipment, among others, in order to ensure that terminology is always respected in any language.

Our company works only with qualified translators dedicated to studying the area and therefore, capable of providing automotive translations with quality and retaining all information correctly.

Automobilistica e aviacao


If you need pharmaceutical translations, then you must choose a company with solid experience to provide you with only quality translations. Prowords is a translation company that has been operating in the market for years, offering a wide range of services, including translations for the medical and pharmaceutical area.

Our company strives for quality and commitment to deadlines. For such reason it employs experts from several areas, such as pharmaceutics.

Each area is made of specific terminologies and expressions. Therefore it is essential that a pharmaceutical translation is to be performed only by specialized professionals that will ensure the final result will be a quality text.


Prowords offers translations for the medical area performed by translators with a deep knowledge in the area, with the purpose of providing a maximum efficiency service.

Our company translates several types of documents in this segment, such as reports, medical instructions, forms, articles, prescriptions, histories, leaflets, patient education documents, general medical communications, health service files, books, etc.



The information technology is one of the areas that stood out the most in the last decades. Today, the search for professionals specialized in that area is a constant, mainly by big-sized companies.

Due to the significant growth of such area, translations in the field of information technology are also growing, as companies need to connect, gather and share information across the globe.

Prowords is an experienced company and has been operating in the translation market for years. In order to meet different needs, the company offers different types of services, such as: simple, legal, technical and software translations


Our experts have vast experience in the translation of documents related to the registration of Trademarks and Patents. Considering that some countries have based their laws of Trademarks and Patents on European Union standards and some others in the American standards, we found a reflex in the terminologies applied for the translation of documents such as Patent Exploitation (PE) Licenses, Trademark Use (TU) Agreements and of every single documentation concerning the registration of Intellectual Property as per the Industrial Property Act (IPA).

Our team is qualified to understand the legal differences, apply the correct terminology, maintain the original message of the document and its applicability in the national territory, as well as to translate local versions into foreign languages, respecting the terminology requirements adopted by the country to where the documents are destined.

Terminology errors can make all the difference when filing any registration of trademarks and patents. Leave your translation with our professionals if you want to obtain only the best possible result.



Sectors such as environmental geology and hydrogeology are two markets under constant growth, followed by the increase in provision of consultancy services to projects related to environmental management.

We perform the translation of risk assessments and environmental impact studies, as well as in areas such as topography, hydrogeology and mineralogy.

With major multinational companies operating in this market, demand of translations performed by specialized professionals has increased significantly.


Energy and mining industry has a major importance to the economy of a country and just as in other industry segments, most of its materials and documents will gain global proportions, which is why translations for the mining area have become essential to further develop the market.

Prowords is a translation company that has been working in the segment for years and has always praised the satisfaction of its clients. We rely on staff specialized in different areas of expertise, offering efficient translations, such as translations for the energy and mining area.


All documents required to processes such as naturalization, visa and driver’s license, in addition to contracts, balance sheets, audits, consultancies, annual reports, general accounting procedures, biddings, decisions, and mandates, among others.


Proposals, commercial letters, guidelines, HR-related documents, internal communication, logistic and related procedures, training programs, etc.



Our team of translators is divided into translation groups, selected in accordance to their areas of expertise.

A document with specific terminology of the Oil and Gas industry will require a professional with vast experience in the translation of audits, training courses, consultancies and full knowledge of the technical vocabulary used in Brazil and abroad, in addition to dedicated glossaries with the preferences of each client.


We count on highly specialized professionals sorted by their main areas of expertise. By paying attention to preferences such as terminology and style of each one of our clients, as well by using glossaries with the purpose of streamlining and standardizing translations, we are able to ensure a top quality standard to the translation of technical and scientific documents.



Do not let your creative ideas get lost in bad translation! Our marketing translators are used to work with reports, speeches, news in general and articles, among other related documents.


We prepare the translation of Balance Sheets, Financial Statements and chart of accounts, ensuring to our clients full secrecy and privacy to their business in compliance with our Agreement of Nondisclosure and Term of Confidentiality.


We use our best efforts to translate with all the attention your projects require.

We work hard to achieve your results.

It’s not enough to be obvious. It has to be accurate.

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