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Prowords Team

We are a translation agency which follows the standard "EN-15038: Translation Services. Service Requirements", European Quality Standard for Translation Services and "ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems".

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The essential requirements to be part of ProWords team are as follows: technical knowledge, linguistic ability and proven experience in professional translation. The translator’s performance is constantly assessed.

We invest in the best technical features available in the market, use the best and more updated translation tools and provide specific translation memories, glossaries, dictionaries and software for translators and proofreaders.

Everything we do is designed to ensure that our translators, i.e. the experts, are able to meet our clients’ requirements and can handle any type of document.

Quality standards and requirement

We believe that translation is a mainly intellectual process, which involves the understanding and interpretation of human thought, converted to another language, but that should express the faithful meaning of the original thought.

Any imbalance in the translator's skills regarding one or another language will be detrimental to the accuracy of the translation.

It’s not enough to be obvious. It has to be accurate.

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