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What is audio transcription?

Atualizado: 12 de set. de 2019

Transcribing audio is nothing but converting what one or more speakers speak into a written format. The conversion of audio into text may be quite useful to professionals in several areas such as, for instance, journalists, writers, researchers, among others. But how does this service work?

audio transcription

First it is important to have an intelligible audio so that the transcribing professional may understand well what is said. Therefore, before an interview, a lecture, seminar, etc. it is important to think how the recording will be made; thus, the data will be recorded securely and clearly.

The next step is the actual transcription, that is, to transform what was recorded into text. Today there are already some apps and automated transcription services available both for iPhone and Android. Their main advantage is speed, but they still have shortcomings in relation to accuracy and formatting of the resulting text. Thus, they are adequate to informal transcriptions; for documents requiring a careful result and formatted according to writing and revising manuals or with the ABNT standards, the best to do is having specialized professionals to do the job.

A transcription specialist is called a transcriber, a professional who, due to his experience, manages to observe audio details that automatic converters do not detect. ProWords has transcribers who perform this work with agility and security already delivering the text formatted and revised.


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